Coming Out as Lesbian to My Traditional Congregation

As the church examines the extent to which it will include LGBTQI people, Nia Shand, a Brooklyn-based contemporary dance artist asks “why can’t we lead with love?” Watch Nia share her story of “coming out” to her church on May 16 at 9 p.m. ET.

Do you have questions for Nia? Share them below and she will answer them during the live Q&A.

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A United Methodist laywoman and professional dancer from New York City, Nia Shand is a young woman. She is a dancer. She is a lifelong “church girl.” She is a woman who prays. She is a child of God longing for Christians to show love that truly embraces young people. She laments, “How are you going to expect young people to stay in the church or come to the church if you aren’t willing to make changes, positive changes, more inclusive changes?”





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