Vital Conversations


The General Commission on Religion and Race (GCORR) is initiating and modeling holy conversations throughout the Church about race, cultural diversity, and institutional equity. We gather and share learnings from these conversations to help grow a movement that honors all of God’s creation.

GCORR sponsors and encourages frank, respectful and holy conversations on how the Church can better challenge racial/ethnic and cultural bias and institutional injustice. GCORR believes we must talk about what divides us as well as how people of Christian faith can build bridges based on the uniting Love of Jesus and a commitment to institutional equity. GCORR continues to create an arena and a framework for these important conversations and shares what is learned so that United Methodists are tenaciously engaged in transforming the Church and the world.

GCORR is building the capacity of The United Methodist Church to be contextually relevant and to reach more people, younger people, and more diverse people as we make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.