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General Secretary
As the general secretary of GCORR, Erin is the team leader, coach, learner and teacher, leading the staff and board of directors on a journey of discovery of God’s call for this agency.

Erin builds on the solid history of GCORR by helping to make The United Methodist Church relevant to the times in which we are now living. The United Methodist Church and the world are more globally focused, more multicultural, and more multi-textured and complex than at any point in our history. GCORR must be about creating a culture at all levels of the church that welcomes that complexity and is focused on engaging more people, more young people and more diverse people.

Team Leader for Program Ministries
As the team leader for program ministries, Giovanni develops and designs initiatives related to the vital conversations priority of GCORR’s ministry model as well as serves as point of contact for partners and stakeholders across the connection at the General Church and Annual Conference levels.

Team Lead for Operations and Alignment
As the team lead for operations and alignment, Harris manages the day to day administration and operations. His daily goal is to create space for leaders to make and deliver resources to the church to transform the world. If the team can hit the ground running there is more time to teach the Church and neighbors to change conflict into opportunities for building Beloved Community.

Executive Assistant
As the Executive Assistant, MJ provides executive level administrative support for the General Secretary and the Team Leader for Operations and Alignment, which includes representing the interest of the General Secretary in meetings or events and making decisions on behalf of the Commission when necessary. Dedicated to excellence and efficiency, she manages the calendar and flow of communications for the General Secretary’s and Operations office. She also serves as the administrative manager of work throughout the office with volunteers and administrative staff.

Director of Resource Development

Garlinda works with staff and constituents to develop devotional, educational, and worship resources to support laity and clergy and other church leaders in tearing down walls of racial, cultural and tribal divisions and to foster Christian community and social justice.
A deaconess in The United Methodist Church, Garlinda has more than 30 years of experience as a writer, editor, producer, and trainer around issues of intercultural competency, racial justice, and gender justice. She is also committed to helping the church engage and nurture children, youth, and young adults as positive and powerful change agents for the cause of Jesus Christ.

Business Administrative Specialist
As the Business Administrative Specialist, Christina provides clerical care for the GCORR Ministry Support Team and supports efficient day-to-day office operations. Additionally, Christina performs duties such as financial record keeping, payment remittance, and wire transfers as she also specializes in financial administration.

Chief Human Resources Officer
As the human resources director for GCORR, Frances assists the staff in making sure they are cared for by the agency by providing guidance to new staff members joining the agency. Frances also guides the managers in their fair and impartial evaluations of job performance for each employee.

Director of Communications
As the director of communications, Jeehye manages GCORR’s website and social media presence, develops and designs multimedia communications and provides planning and support at GCORR-sponsored events.

Director of Equity and Anti-Racism
As a Director of Equity and Anti-Racism, Michelle crafts and facilitates initiatives focusing on the Institutional Equity priority of GCORR’s Ministry Model.