GCORR Presents an Interactive Video Series on Realities of Racism


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The Vital Conversations series continues on Thursday, Jan. 28 at 9 p.m. ET with The Rev. Dr. Pamela Lightsey as she explores the intersection of oppression and her experiences in Ferguson, Mo. Rev. Dr. Lightsey is a scholar, social justice activist, and military veteran whose academic and research interests include: classical and contemporary just war theory, womanist theology, Queer theory and theology, and African American religious history and theologies.

The video will begin at 9 p.m. ET on Thursday, Jan. 28 and will be followed by a live conversation with Rev. Dr. Lightsey, where you can ask questions and engage in conversation.

Previous videos include Dr. Robin DiAngelo’s “Deconstructing White Privilege,” The Rev. Dr Miquel De La Torre’s “Church: Building the Beloved Community,” The Rev. Glen Chebon Kernell Jr.’s “Ongoing Acts of Repentance,” Rev. Dr. David Anderson Hooker’s “Meaningful Cnversations about Race.”, and Dr. Phillip Klinkner’s “Continued Struggles in American Race Relations.”

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