Vital Conversations: Native Americans


Intercultural Competency, Reconciliation, and Inclusion

The November Vital Conversations project highlights the history, gifts, and struggles of the First Americans. The Native American community is often invisible in society–unless their history and culture is being misappropriated, disrespected, or erased. As a result of historic and ongoing institutional racism, Indian communities experience disproportionately high rates of poverty and suicide, yet they work tirelessly to preserve their culture and represent their community with the dignity and honor befitting of their proud heritage. Our denomination, which has historic ties to the systematic massacre and relocation of millions of Indigenous people, has vowed to seek reconciliation with the Native Americans, but only time will tell whether that promise to native people will be honored.


Our promise at GCORR is that we will provide practical resources and support to leaders throughout the church, assisting them to engage and embrace the cultural diversity present in our congregations and communities. Our Native American brothers and sisters are not invisible. They are present and active members of the church and they are living in the communities that our church is called to serve.

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