Taking Pre-orders for Vital Conversations 4


Coming Fall 2018 — Now taking pre-orders!

People of color and diverse worldviews are impacted by the church’s struggle with human sexuality yet they are often not a part of the conversation. GCORR brings new voices on human sexuality to the table with Vital Conversations 4. Videos and corresponding study guides and sermon helps will be available for download.

Pre-order the VC4 study guide today! The videos and study guides will be available end of October 2018 on gcorr.org for free view and download. If you would like a hard copy of the study guide, you can pre-order it now and we will ship when it’s available.

Pre-order Vital Conversations 4: Race, Culture, the Church, and Human Sexuality

Vital Conversation 4 Study Guide ($5.00 each plus free shipping)


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