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Rev. Stephan von Twardowski is a pastor in the North Germany Annual Conference and a leader of youth ministries. He was a Methodist delegate and workshop facilitator at the International Ecumenical Peace Convocation of the World Council of Churches and has a deep interest in the topics of peace and justice particularly as it relates to refugees and fighting modern day slavery. He has led dialogues on theology, ethics, and action and has contributed to the peace declaration of The United Methodist Church in Germany and the Social Principles.


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  1. Hi! I want to thank Rev. Stephan for a very iluminating talking, It’s really moving to see the concrete way
    people are working to welcome the refugees. I’m Brazilian and news we get, usually show hostility and suffering. We need these good news, we need to see people doing what they can in order to bring relief to our
    brothers and sister. May God bless you and your Community!


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