Pakistani Muslim Villagers Are Building a Church for Their Christian Neighbors


Here’s a story that will give you some hope from Relevant Magazine. The BBC has reported from a village in Pakistan where Christians and Muslims are refusing to engage in violence, and instead, live side-by-side in real community.

In the village outside of the city of Gojra, Muslims have come together to build a church for their Christian neighbors.

Ijaz Farooq, who is a Muslim, told the BBC, “By building this church, we want to show that we are united as a community.”

Christian resident Faryal Masih explained,

Since my childhood, we have all lived together in this one place. We live with love—attend each other’s weddings and festivals. We are together in times of happiness and grief. I pray that we never have to go through what happened in Gorja, ever.

Back in 2009 in Gorja, mobs of Muslim residents attacked local Christians, killing 10, while their homes and churches were burned. Throughout much of the country, Christians are forced to live in separate, designated housing and regularly face persecution.
A local priest explained,

This church being built in a small village by the Muslims, it is very significant. It shows that people have love in their hearts. They want to stay together. If there are those who fuel the fire, there are also those who douse the flames.

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