Lent and Easter 2019


Beginning on Ash Wednesday, March 6, 2019, Lent is a season of reflection and preparation before the celebrations of Easter. During the 40 days of Lent, we invite you into a meaningful period of self-examination and reflection to realign your life and focus toward God and the work God calls you to do by using the resources below.

Lent and Easter: Resisting Racism

It would be very hard to find anyone who would say they were against resisting racism. Yet, racism persists both in our world and in The United Methodist Church. To resist racism, we must learn new information (knowledge/mindset), engage our willingness to make change (will/heartset), and do the tangible work of disrupting and dismantling racism (action/skillset). The resources presented in this package have been created and framed for both individuals and groups to engage during the Lenten season. May God bless you as you seek to do the work of Resisting Racism.

Lenten Series: Roll Down Justice

GCORR’s Lenten Biblical Reflection, Roll Down, Justice!, written by Faye Wilson and featuring the music and reflections of Mark A. Miller, poses two questions to believers. First, what are you prepared to give in order to have a closer walk with God? Second, what can you give in order to embrace anew the work of justice? Roll Down, Justice!, is based on six songs* that are included in the book/CD set Roll Down, Justice! – Sacred Songs and Social Justice. The songs in this Lenten series are offered as six videos, and each video includes a guide for study.

Be Still and Go: Meditations for the Movement

Be Still and Go: Meditations for the Movement is a devotional podcast from The Riverside Church with daily episodes available during the seasons of Advent and Lent. Each episode is an invitation to reflect on a text or a theme so that you can be refilled and refueled for the work of love and justice that you are called to do. And this work is not a sprint. Take a moment and do your stretches because we’re in this for the whole marathon.

The 2019 Lent season of Be Still and Go features reflections from The Riverside Church clergy and congregants as well as Christian leaders from across the country and around the world, including Erin Hawkins and Rev. Michelle Ledder from GCORR.

Going to Jerusalem, Erin Hawkins

A New Thing, Michelle Ledder

GCORR is building the capacity of The United Methodist Church to be contextually relevant and to reach more people, younger people, and more diverse people as we make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.