As Keystone Pipeline Leaks, Remembering our Calling


Today we grieve with the native peoples of South Dakota and we call for accountability from Keystone executives who could not insure the safety of native peoples living in the path of the pipeline, and from the current US administration that ignored previous administration stays and cleared the way for pipeline production.

Religion & Race General Secretary Erin Hawkins was with the people gathered at Standing Rock protesting to keep the Keystone Oil Pipeline from routing across their tribal lands. She met with tribal leaders, spent days understanding critical issues of polluting sacred tribal land, and issued statements and resources in support of their efforts to keep uncountable gallons of oil from traveling across and inevitably spilling on their land–land to where their ancestors were segregated to make way for the great American dream.

The US made a commitment to the people of Standing Rock to protect their sacred lands and blocked the Keystone Pipeline in December of 2017. This commitment was overturned. The US made a commitment to the world by joining leaders in signing the Paris Accord to limit carbon emissions. The US has withdrawn from this agreement and as world leaders meet in Bonn, Germany our own state governors are struggling to salvage our participation in the Accord.

Religion & Race calls people of faith and goodwill to remember our call to care for creation in our stewardship of the Earth. We call people in communities across the US and the global United Methodist connection to lead in conservation of our natural resources, which are indeed gifts from God.

New York Times: Keystone Pipeline Leaks 210,000 Gallons of Oil in South Dakota

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