Jumpstarts for Diversity Work: Start a Discussion Group


Together with your district youth, women’s, men’s, older-adult, or other group, start a group in which you discuss books and films on racism/tribalism and cultural bias and how people address those biases. Search for books to start the conversation, or visit YouTube for short videos, such as this one about using Native American stereotypes as sports team mascots, or longer discussion-starters, such as this one by South African activist Gillian Schutte.

Group leaders may rotate. Each leader should preview the materials and plan discussion-starting questions. The goal is not to solve the problem, but to engage a group in critical thinking about the origins, impact and various expressions of cross-cultural understanding and cooperation versus intercultural conflict and institutional bias and discrimination. Engage members in thinking about their own lives and experiences, and if their faith or church experiences have helped them understand and talk about these issues.

End each session with a covenant to become part of the healing of racial-ethnic, cultural or tribal division, and institutional discrimination. By learning more about other cultures and about the realities of discrimination, biases and historic oppression, Christians become empowered to address these issues with confidence and clarity.


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