Pre-Order Today: Implicit Bias Workbook

Implicit Bias is all about ‘what we don’t think we think’ — wait a minute, what?!?
As each of us experiences life — in school, at home, in church, at work, watching T.V.  — we are surrounded by a number of biases. Some of these biases we consciously accept as our own, some we consciously reject, while many more fall into the subconscious level. Even though we are not aware of implicit biases, they constantly help to form our beliefs, values, ideas, and actions every day.
As followers of Jesus, we are created and called by the God who consistently questions beliefs, values, and motives. By taking an intentional look at implicit bias and the ways it works in our brains and in our actions, we commit to rooting out the biases that are corrupted by stereotype or prejudice and separate us from the Beloved Community.
The new Implicit Bias Workbook will be available for download at the end of June 2018. If you would like to pre-order your copy, please fill out the form below. Can’t wait? Join us for a webinar on implicit bias on June 20.
Please note: Taking pre-orders now. Shipping is not available until after July 10. Up to 20 items are free and additional number of items will cost $3 per item. We will invoice you separately for any charges plus shipping. Shipping cost dependent on number of items ordered. Please allow at least 2 weeks for processing and shipping.


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