God’s Unimaginable Surprises: An Advent Resource


Resource for pastors and church leaders

Advent is a time of preparatory waiting.

In our contemporary times, preparation often includes details, timelines, and a specific plan. This type of planning might anticipate the known thing, the already agreed upon, and the status quo, yet it is inadequate in creating the type of openness capable of recognizing – even surrendering – to the unimaginable surprises of God.

This resource utilizes the four weeks of Advent lectionary texts from the book of Isaiah. Duel themes of surprise and anti-oppression create the lens by which the truths of the Isaiah texts are contextualized into our contemporary longings for God. Each week includes sermon starters, children sermonette, and children activities.

This Advent, we invite you to embark on a preparatory waiting that helps us live into how God longs to surprise us beyond all we could dream or imagine.

Let us begin…

Advent Week One
Isaiah 2:1-5

Can You Imagine?

Advent Week Two
Isaiah 11: 1-10

The Wolf Shall Lie with the Lamb

Advent Week Three
Isaiah 35: 1-10

Finding Joy after the Wilderness

Advent Week Four
Isaiah 7: 1-2, 10-16

Trust God in Times of Challenge, Struggle, and Change

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