Ferguson: Reflections and Resources


Today, across America, so many of us are asking, “Where do we go from here?” We want to share some thoughtful reflections and resources on conflict resolution from our wonderful friends at JustPeace. We hope they bring comfort, offer guidance, and provide insight into the necessary steps toward justice and peace.

Photo courtesy of JustPeace

In Ferguson: Even If

Even if everyone does their job in a fair and unbiased way, because certain communities did not experience equitable participation in the making of the rules in the first instance, enforcement of those rules is not likely to result in justice, meaning right relationships, or equity. Read more

After Resilience

Today calls for a shift towards reconciling voices and a process, which seeks to preserve dignity and protect rights. Each unique narrative needs be publicly heard and witnessed by community shareholders. Read more

Transforming Historical Harms

The Transforming Historical Harms (THH) manual articulates a Framework for addressing the historical harms mentioned above as well as the many others present in societies around the world. The framework looks at historical injustices and their present manifestations through the lens of trauma and identifies the mechanisms for the transmission of historical trauma: legacies and aftermaths. These are the beliefs and structures responsible for transmitting trauma responses and traumagenic circumstances between generations. Learn more

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