Conferences Engage in Cultural Competency


GCORR Team Leader of Monitoring and Advocacy Giovanni Arroyo and Training and Development Specialist Grace Cajiuat met recently with leaders from the Río Grande and Southwest Texas Conferences at University UMC in San Antonio, Texas, to discuss cultural competency and the role it plays in uniting the two conferences.

Abel Vega, director of congregational ministries for the Río Grande Conference, said that cultural competency has been a topic in both conferences for the last three years.

“We began to dream of what could be [cultural competency in the conferences], and the opportunities that might get us there,” Vega said. “This initial meeting [is]the product of that brainstorming.”

“[They] have before them an opportunity of a lifetime,” said Arroyo of the leaders in the Río Grande and Southwest Texas Conferences.

“[They can] think about what kind of culture this conference will provide and how we can learn from [each other]as a denomination that is connectional… by being intentional in the work of the Río Texas Conference,” said Arroyo

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