Church to Community Webinars: Concepts that Deliver Results


Webinar Resource for UMC Churches

Is your church looking for ways to reach more people across lines of race, age and class? Are you looking for new ideas and concepts to build a more just and equitable community? Join GCORR and the United Methodist Church 4 All People (C4AP) for a series of 4 webinars beginning November 29th and running through February of 2018.

The webinars are engagement sessions in which participants will learn more about the three foundational principles of C4AP: 1) the centrality of radical hospitality in building unwavering relationships with our community, 2) the creation of Third Places as a means of deepening and expanding these relationships, and 3) living into the Divine Economy of Abundance through asset-based community development that is achieved through collective impact and in a place-based manner. Participants will have an opportunity to dialogue, ask questions, and begin to take a deeper dive into these topics.

Webinar schedule:
November 29, 1pm ET – C4AP Overview (Download PPT & Watch Recorded Webinar)
December 13, 1pm ET – Radical Hospitality  (Download PPT & Watch Recorded Webinar)
January 17, 1pm ET – Third Places (Download PPT & Watch Recorded Webinar)
February 7, 1pm ET – Divine Economy of Abundance (Download PPT & Watch Recorded Webinar)

GCORR features C4AP through its Church to Community initiative as an example of a local church that has game-changing relationships with its community in hopes to share that work throughout the UMC connection.

GCORR is building the capacity of The United Methodist Church to be contextually relevant and to reach more people, younger people, and more diverse people as we make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.