The Team

The racially and ethnically diverse staff of the General Commission on Religion and Race offers considerable talents, expertise, wisdom and conviction to help lead The United Methodist Church in its pursuit to reach more people, younger people and more diverse people. Aided by many years of experience and leadership in the denomination, we serve in partnership with the Church at all levels: nationally, jurisdictionally, alongside annual conferences, local churches, general agencies, theological schools and racial/ethnic caucuses.


General Secretary
As the general secretary of GCORR, Erin is the team leader, coach, learner and teacher, leading the staff and board of directors on a journey of discovery of God’s call for this agency.

Erin builds on the solid history of GCORR by helping to make The United Methodist Church relevant to the times in which we are now living. The United Methodist Church and the world are more globally focused, more multicultural, and more multi-textured and complex than at any point in our history. GCORR must be about creating a culture at all levels of the church that welcomes that complexity and is focused on engaging more people, more young people and more diverse people.

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Executive Assistant to the General Secretary
As the executive assistant to the Office of the General Secretary, Maurita assists not only our General Secretary but the entire GCORR staff by managing all administrative needs for agency.

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Team Leader for Program Ministries
As the team leader for program ministries, Giovanni develops and designs initiatives related to the vital conversations priority of GCORR’s ministry model as well as serves as point of contact for partners and stakeholders across the connection at the General Church and Annual Conference levels.

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Special Assistant to the General Secretary
As special assistant to the general secretary, Amy is responsible for aligning the strategic priorities and operations of the General Secretary’s Office while serving as primary liaison to internal and external partners on behalf of the General Secretary, facilitating efficient execution of the agency’s vision and initiatives.

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Assistant General Secretary for Administration and Human Resources
As the human resources director for GCORR, Frances assists the staff in making sure they are cared for by the agency by providing guidance to new staff members joining the agency. Frances also guides the managers in their fair and impartial evaluations of job performance for each employee.

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Derrick Hodge

Director of Research
As GCORR’s research director, Derrick is responsible for designing research projects, collecting and analyzing data, and translating the research findings using the best practices in social sciences. The resulting reports will help guide the agency’s programmatic work and identify new programmatic needs.

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Digital Communications and Media Production Specialist
As the digital communications and media production specialist, Jeehye manages GCORR’s website and social media presence, develops and designs multimedia communications and provides planning and support at GCORR-sponsored events.

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GCORR is building the capacity of The United Methodist Church to be contextually relevant and to reach more people, younger people, and more diverse people as we make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.