The Board

Marian McCray

Marian McCray


I Love GCORR Because

I am blessed and challenged to be a partner with GCORR in the ministry of “creating the Beloved Community,” which God envisioned in our diverse humanity and in His own image.

Carlos Ramos

Carlos Ramos-Graulau

ClergyBaltimore Washington Annual Conference

The Work of GCORR is Relevant Because

It opens eyes to new perspectives about the love of Jesus. GCORR is the worldwide leader of hope through the new standpoints.

Katelin Square

Katelin Hansen

LayWest Ohio Annual Conference

The Work of GCORR is Relevant Because

Our witness as the Church, as the diverse but unified Body of Christ, is predicated on our ability to stand with one another living out the justice and reconciliation inherent in the message of the Gospel.


Framer P. Milla

LayMindanao Philippines Annual Conference

The Work of GCORR is Relevant Because

The work of GCORR is relevant because this is the need of the time, in all places, by all ages, of all people. To make Jesus known in an inclusive way.

Bishop Unda

Bishop Gabriel Y. Unda

BishopCongo East

The Work of GCORR is Relevant Because

GCORR teaches people about their work, and their objective is equity for all.

Dale M

The Rev. Dale M. Weatherspoon


I Love GCORR Because

I love GCORR because the areas of our Ministry Model–vital conversations, intercultural competency, and institutional equity–are helping move us into right relationships. The work of GCORR helps the Church to value the cultural diversity among us as well as the diversity of gifts God has given us to do the work of bringing about God’s beloved community.

Bishop Carcano

Bishop Minerva G. Carcaño, President


The Work of GCORR is Relevant Because

GCORR is leading the church to be the beloved community of God.

Asa Nausner

Åsa Nausner

LayGermany Southern

The Work of GCORR is Relevant Because

GCORR is a wonderful resource, assisting members of The United Methodist Church  who seek to live and grow in the diversity God has given us. As we welcome migrants in many European nations, we need GCORR to help us become more interculturally competent as we seek to address issues of racism, discrimination, islamophobia, and antiziganism in order to build communities of faith and hope.


The Rev. Sela Finau

ClergyCentral Texas

The Work of GCORR is Relevant Because

The church is always a work in progress, and it can never be too comfortable with itself. GCORR is called to be a prophetic witness and teach peace where God’s love, justice, and mercy are fully expressed and realized by all persons. The work of GCORR is relevant because it helps the Church to live out its calling by giving voice to the voiceless, visibility to the invisible and a place at the table for those who otherwise may not have been invited or are lost in the system.


Rev. Stephen E. Handy


I Love GCORR Because

GCORR offers hope and faith that The United Methodist Church can reflect a place of equity, a path of transformed relationships, and a promise that believes in engaging and embracing the diversity of God in the world as set forth by Jesus Christ.

Jen Ihlo

Jen Ihlo


I Love GCORR Because/The Work of GCORR is Relevant Because

I love the rich and challenging conversations of GCORR. Our work is relevant in so many ways–challenging the comfortable to welcome diversity; looking for ways to ensure that “otherness” in all the ways it manifests is eradicated.


JoAnn Y. Fukumoto


The Work of GCORR is Relevant Because

GCORR is very relevant to our Church and society as it reflects the teachings and love of Jesus. Our purpose and mandate in our Church must continue to press forward to further the Kingdom of God.

Christopher Jacob

The Rev. Christopher Jacob Kurien

ClergyEastern Pennsylvania

The Work of GCORR is Relevant Because/ I Love GCORR Because

GCORR stands for fairness and equity in the life of the Church and speak on issues of justice. I love GCORR for it’s inclusiveness and diversity.


The Rev. Delaine McGhee

ClergyEast Ohio

I Love GCORR Because

There is much work to do breaking down the walls that divide our hearts, our work, our living, and our loving. GCORR is expanding my world view and vision.

Bishop Jones

Bishop Scott J. Jones

BishopGreat Plains

The Work of GCORR is Relevant Because

Christ’s work of combating racism is important work.

Joseph Harris

The Rev. Joseph Harris


The Work of GCORR is Relevant Because

GCORR reminds The Church of its absolute commitment to inclusively at all levels.


Vince Gonzales

LayNorthwest Texas

I Love GCORR Because

When cries of “Where is the voice of The Church?” is heard across the kingdom, GCORR is often the voice that responds. Equity is the vehicle, but justice is the destination. I am honored to be a part of the GCORR journey.

Tracy Smith

The Rev. Dr. Tracy Smith Malone

ClergyNorthern Illinois

The Work of GCORR is Relevant Because

GCORR is committed to helping The United Methodist Church live into being The Beloved Community. GCORR is working in partnership with Annual Conferences, seminaries and Central Conferences by providing resources for growing vital conversations and becoming interculturally competent.


The Rev. Tim McClendon

ClergySouth Carolina

I Love GCORR Because

The United Methodist Church is a family and GCORR’s goal is to help the family live together in harmony and share the love with the world.


David L. Brown


The Work of GCORR is Relevant Because

GCORR is the guardian of the UMC to be an inclusive church and safeguards one of our most precious freedoms. GCORR calls for us to live out our commitment to open hearts and open doors. Through this we are more diverse and culturally inclusive.


Neffie "Connie" Locklear

LayWestern North Carolina

The Work of GCORR is Relevant Because

GCORR touches the heart of the Church, the Church should be open to all people, but it’s not. GCORR encourages our Church to be the church God intended it to be.

Justin Warren

The Rev. Justin Warren White


The Work of GCORR is Relevant Because

GCORR is doing a new thing through its focus on institutional equity, intercultural competency and vital conversations.

GCORR is building the capacity of The United Methodist Church to be contextually relevant and to reach more people, younger people, and more diverse people as we make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.